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On-Hold Marketing Solutions for Regina Business Owners

Many businesses spend most of their marketing budget attracting customers to their phone lines. Do not let that be a wasted effort.

Dynamic Productions can help your company in Regina create a 5-star experience for callers even when they are waiting to speak with a representative. From pleasant hold music to carefully-crafted marketing messages, we’ve got you covered.

With our experienced writers and wide variety of voiceover talent, you can trust our team to produce an effective on-hold marketing solution that is both engaging and an accurate representation of your brand.

We will work alongside your team throughout every stage of the process from consultation to copywriting to production and system maintenance. Callers no longer have to wait in dead silence. Make the time fly by with clear hold music and interactive messaging such as trivia and quizzes.

You can also use this opportunity to upsell your products and services and share special promotions. When done correctly, on-hold marketing messages can quickly boost sales and help guide the call once a representative joins the line.

To help manage your queue, you can also answer frequently asked questions and share key updates in your on-hold messaging.

Don’t miss this opportunity to improve the customer experience. Contact us today to learn more about our on-hold marketing solutions for companies in Regina and surrounding areas.

Learn how on-hold messages can work for your business!

The Facts

70% of all business callers will be put on-hold.

70% of them will hang up after 30 seconds if they hear silence or beeps.

The average business person spends 15 minutes a day on-hold.
That’s 60 hours a year!

Businesses spend 92% of their marketing budgets convincing customers to call,
but only 8% on handling the customers after they call.

88% of callers prefer listening to messages while
on-hold over silence, music, or radio.

Over 16% of callers make purchasing decisions based on the messages they hear while on-hold, even if the messages aren’t about your company.

What on hold messaging
can do for you

Notify your customers about your products and services.

Advise your customers about your promotions, location, and hours of operation.

Decrease caller hang up.

Eliminate the risk of customers hearing your competitors’ ads on the radio.

Remind your customers they are important.

Keep your caller’s attention while making it feel like a shorter time on-hold.

What we do to help

We collaborate with your business to create an on hold message that’s specifically designed for your needs.

We offer complete consultation, copywriting, production, and system maintenance services.

We supply many styles of messages including music only, music plus reassuring courtesy messages, trivia or humour. In addition you could choose a dynamic mix of information about your business, products, and services along with educational consumers tips.

We provide a variety of male and female professional broadcast announcers who can cover a range of voicing styles. Click here to have a listen.

Click below for custom on hold message samples

Travel Agency

Dental Office



The impact from these announcements has been great. I have had people ask “where are Rogers chocolates?” because they heard about it on the in-store announcements.

Pharmasave#221, Mill Bay