Overhead Music

Tune-In and Turn-On Your Customers

Your business is unique. Your store atmosphere should be just as distinctive! Dynamic Productions can help you create the right atmosphere with complete background music services. Whether you operate a pharmacy, grocery store, restaurant, spa, hotel, bar or department store, we can create the perfect music blend from our vast library of over 2 million music tracks! It’s the perfect way to engage and entertain your customers while they shop.

If you currently play the radio as your in-store background music source, you have to put up with competitor advertising, announcer chit chat and radio static. Our background music service ends those annoyances instantly. Play the music that matches the tastes of your target market now! With extensive playlists and available day-parts covering the time of day and every conceivable music genre, Dynamic Productions will create the engaging atmosphere you want. Is there a song that drives you crazy? No worries. You can block music by song or by artist. Our system also includes full clearance and payment of public performance rights in Canada.

Dynamic Productions will find your brand’s personality and create a custom music match to fit your business perfectly. Contact us today for a free quote.


In-store announcements are a good way to promote unusual products, sales increase on most items.