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Radio Gets Ratings

Every week, radio reaches more than 90% of teens and adults. Every week, Canadians over the age of 12 listen to the radio for about 22 hours. Ninety-nine percent of Canadian households have a radio, and 90% of all automobiles have a radio.*

Your customers are listening to the radio, and we can make sure they hear you. Dynamic Productions is made up of radio experts who will work with you to identify your target market and tailor a creative radio commercial that gets your customers’ attention, creates interest and motivates them to buy.

Our sales, production and creative team offer complete consultation, copywriting, and technical services. Your radio spots will be voiced by broadcast announcers and mastered in our digital production facility. The spots will be electronically delivered to designated radio stations. Need a special theme? Our staff composers can also create a custom radio jingle.

We can create a Dynamic Production for you!

* Statistics from the Radio Marketing Bureau of Canada

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