Our Story

tire shop

Imagine you’ve called a tire store and they put you on-hold. While you are waiting, you hear the local radio station playing on-hold, when suddenly you notice one of their competitor’s radio ads! That would not do, right? Exactly. This is what happened to the founder of Dynamic, Pat Meyers. When the tire store owner picked up the phone, Pat suggested:

“You’ve got to get rid of that radio on-hold.
You should have your own message on-hold promoting your services!”

That suggestion was the start of Dynamic Productions over 25 years ago. Previously, Pat had been working in advertising at Canada Wide Media and because he was also a former radio announcer, he had the perfect skill set to create an on-hold marketing business.

From humble beginnings as a one-man operation, to a two-level building with three studios and 12 employees, his passion for audio has become a success! His enthusiasm and hard work have spilled over to the team that is Dynamic Productions. They continue to seek out new opportunities to improve and put a smile on a client’s face.

On that note, that tire store from the beginning of our story is still one of Dynamic’s clients and we’re very proud of that!


Dynamic has always provided professional voice recording services to our customers, resulting in excellent service to our clients and positive feedback from customers.  I would recommend Dynamic to any prospective customer.

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