We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you. At the 2023 MARCE Awards (MARketing and Creative Excellence) during the EMA Annual Conference in Annapolis, Maryland, we were honoured to receive not just one but TWO prestigious awards!


Recognizing Excellence in Messaging

  1. Best Branding Message on Hold (MOH) for the Vancouver Canucks

 Our team’s dedication to creating a powerful and resonant branding message on hold for the Vancouver Canucks caught the attention of the judges. We’re proud to have worked collectively with them to enhance their brand image through the magic of audio.


  1. Most Entertaining Message on Hold (MOH) for Pit Stop Portables

 In the realm of entertainment, our creative prowess shone through in crafting the Most Entertaining Message on Hold for Pit Stop Portables. We believe that every moment of customer interaction should be engaging, and this award validates our commitment to making even “on hold” time enjoyable.


Gratitude for the Journey

We owe this success to various factors, and we want to express our heartfelt gratitude:

 – Experience Marketing Association (EMA): Thank you for organizing a platform that recognizes and celebrates excellence in marketing and creativity.

 – Dynamic Team: To our amazing team of Message on Hold (MOH) wizards – your talent, dedication, and creativity are the driving forces behind these awards. Each one of you plays a crucial role in our success.

 – Clients: Last but certainly not least, a big THANK YOU to our clients who collaborated with us to create innovative and fun Messages on Hold. Your partnership fuels our passion for excellence.


 Elevate Your Business with Exceptional Audio Solutions

 At Dynamic Productions we understand the power of audio in transforming customer experiences. Whether you’re looking for captivating Message on Hold (MOH) services, Auto-Attendants that leave a lasting impression, or In-Store Announcements that resonate with your brand, we’ve got you covered.


Explore the Possibilities with Us!

 Background Music & Announcements: Set the perfect ambiance in your establishment with our curated selection of background music and you can add personalized announcements to highlight your products and services, too.

Voiceovers: Our talented voiceover artists bring scripts to life with professionalism and charisma.

Hold On for a Hero: Let your customers hold on for an exceptional experience with our award-winning MOH services.


Join the Success Story!

 If you’re ready to take your business to new heights with exceptional audio solutions, we invite you to connect with us. Our award-winning team is passionate about creating audio experiences that captivate and elevate your brand.


Thank you for being a part of our journey. Here’s to more exciting collaborations and success stories in the world of audio excellence!

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