2019 MARCE Awards Winners

If you ever wondered whether there are awards for messages on-hold…there are! And we’re proud to be award winners for 2019. They are called MARCE awards and as you can imagine we were pretty excited to receive two. We won for our collaboration with the very creative teams at Pit Stop Portables and the Aquilini Investment Group for the Canucks.

What’s a MARCE award? It stands for MARketing & Creative Excellence and is the only competition that encourages and rewards creative and marketing excellence in On-Hold Messaging productions exclusively.

Details of the Entries
The winning Most Entertaining on-hold production for Pit Stop Portables focused on ‘The Adventures of Peyton Pitstop’ and his team of clean-cut super heroes. The production involved a talented group of writers, sound producers and voice-over artists – a total team effort. Click here to hear the winning entry!

Meanwhile, the Most Effective award on behalf of the Vancouver Canucks blended exciting play-by-play audio clips with season ticket member benefits, upcoming concerts and corporate initiatives such as the “Shooting for Zero Waste” program. Click here for this winning entry!

To hear the other winners of the 2019 MARCE Awards, please check out the Experience Marketing Association Website.

What Next?
Are you looking to make your callers’ experience creative as well as informative? It can be done and we can help you! Maybe you want to make your logo come to life as a character that speaks directly to your customers. Or maybe your on-hold messages are fun trivia related to your industry. Or perhaps you want to try something completely different! We would love to bring your audio marketing dreams come true and who knows, maybe next year we’ll be MARCE Award winners again because of our work with you! Please get in touch and let’s talk.