Our Sales Team is excited to be heading to the ESI (Esthétique Spa International) Conference on March 31st & April 1st, 2019. As we get prepared, it got us thinking about why you would want on-hold messages in spas. So here are our top 5 reasons why:

1. Marketing

You spend a lot of energy marketing toward your ideal client group, in fact businesses spend 92% of their marketing budgets convincing customers to call…but only 8% is spent on handling the customers after they call. You don’t want to be like that! You want to sound professional when your clients or potential clients phone in. Do you have a referral program? On hold would be a great place to promote it!

2. Drive Traffic to your Digital Channels

You spend a lot of time developing a following on Social Media, through an E-Newsletter or Website strategy or maybe you implement all of these options! What better way to highlight it then by telling your captive audience while on hold. Encourage people to follow you on Social Media, provide an incentive to sign up to your e-newsletter or suggest checking out your website for further details about a treatment or product. All of this can be written into your on-hold message for your callers to hear.

3. Tell Your Audience More

We often spend our time scaling down what we say in our marketing strategies and for good reason – less is more! But what if you spent some time telling your callers about services or products, they didn’t know you provide? Maybe it’s a treatment they would like to try or a type of cream they’ve been wondering about. Now you’ve made another sale on a product or service that your client may not have known about. All thanks to the personable, easy to listen-to, message on hold.

4. Keep Them from Hanging Up

Have you ever been on hold and all you heard was silence? Then you wonder if you’ve been disconnected. So, you hang up and think about calling again later. That business just lost your business. Don’t be THAT Business. Turn the negative feeling a customer receives when put on hold into a positive experience. Decrease the caller hang up by keeping their attention and making your caller happy. It’s a win-win!

5. Cost-Effective

Do you provide a special service that most other places don’t? Do you have special promotions every month, and want to drive your traffic to your social media to find out more. Or better yet, you could promote the specials on your on-hold message! All of these ideas will turn a lead into a conversion. And that makes our very affordable service, cost-effective. It will pay for itself with increased sales.

These are our top 5 reasons to have on-hold messages in spas but there are many more reasons! Ask us more, at Booth #506 at the ESI Show or get in touch with us to find out more.