You’re on hold one day, you hear some great on-hold messages and think “that seems like a good idea for my business!” Your next thought is “I’m sure it’s really easy to do, I’ll sort this out myself.” Before these thoughts play out further, I need to exclaim “Whoa there!” This may not be your best business decision, and I’m going to lay out the reasons why.

1. Writing

Is the content you’re sharing with your callers going to be presented in an interesting, conversational, and professional way? Or are you just going to jot down some bullet points and give it your best? Or maybe you’ll write down all the information that you think is relevant for your callers to hear, but it’s so long, it puts them to sleep instead. You don’t want that! You want it to sound like it’s written by professional copywriters that know how to get people’s attention. Like we do at Dynamic.


2. Professional Announcer Quality

Who will be the voice for your message? Maybe you want to use your colleague who has a nice sounding voice. That may sound like a good idea but I’m going to be honest with you, it’s not. While your colleague really does have a nice sounding voice, it’s likely they’ve never done this before and will sound nervous. You will need to encourage them when they’re trying to nail the voice over. Then it will be up to you to let them down gently when you can’t use their voice over after all. Save yourself the trouble and use a professional voice over artist that has the proper training and experience to deliver your message effectively!

3. Professional Studio

Where will the message be recorded? Do you have a quiet space? Will you just record into your phone and receive that ‘tinny’ hollow sound? Or will you purchase a fairly decent microphone and record it into your computer? If you do buy a microphone, will it come with the software required to capture the recording so that it can be edited? There are so many options here.

4. Production

How will you make sure it sounds really good? How will ensure the voice is loud enough to understand but not TOO loud? Will you have music in between the talking bits? Because that helps! When you record the voice and there are mistakes will you just start from the beginning again or will you have the capacity to edit these mistakes out? Is your brain overloading with all the questions, yet?

5. Music

What music will you choose to either underscore the talking or at least have as an interlude between the voice content? What suits your brand? Once you’ve made that decision, will you have permission to play it? There are so many decisions with all this, am I right?

So, let’s take the decisions out of the picture and let Dynamic Productions help you create your own on-hold message. We’ve got the Writers, the Voice Talent, the Professional Recording & Production Studio plus Dynamic Productions owned music. We can take all of these choices and siphon them down into the on-hold message that suits your business. Click here to find out more!